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Newsletter #1

Earlier today, I posted my first Newsletter of 2014. If Lattice were still going, the content inside this newsletter would have made up the February issue. 

If you subscribed, you got the entire Heart is Raw Season 1 in the three popular digital reading formats for free. I put this collection together in the last month, and I just received the print proof yesterday. The book looks great, and it’ll be on sale on the site next week. This is only available for people who subscribed, and the people those people decide to share it with. If you missed out, you can get the bundle for only $4.99.

Subscribers also got two bonus articles, entire Heart is Raw articles exclusive to the Newsletter. One was about wrestling, and one was about True Detective. Again, those will be exclusive to the first newsletter for now. I’m sure they will pop up somewhere soon. The newsletter is increasingly going to be the place where people get first access to my work, so subscribe! You never know what kind of crazy shit I’m going to put in there from here on.  


The Heart is Raw Season 1 Cover Art

Near the end of the month, I’ll be releasing a collection of articles I wrote last year called The Heart is Raw. It’s going to be a short and small book, but I wanted it to have a unified look throughout. The general idea behind the articles is to open up your own guts and pour them out onto pop culture, and explore the space that exists there, so I wanted the art style to be coarse and broken. Throughout the book, there will be pages dedicated to this look, with quotes I’ve gathered from a Tumblr I seldom update called Maltese Suplex. Here’s the cover. I’d love to know your thoughts. 


Wacom Intuous S

I know there are better Wacom pads you can buy. You can get bigger ones with screens and higher points of pressure sensitivity and I’m sure one day I’ll get to the point where I feel like it’ll really help my work to have. But for now, my favourite new tool is the Wacom Intuous S.

I don’t know enough about this technology to even compare them, or say why it’s special. Basically, the pen feels perfect, and it moves along the surface of the tablet with a balance of friction and smoothness that’s leagues better than my old tablet. I guess this is a poor review, but I really just wanted to gush a little. 


The Heart is Raw Season 1 is now available as a digital bundle

Earlier this month I announced a collection of my wrestling writing from last year on this blog. The Heart is Raw Season 1 is now available as a digital bundle for $4.99. The file contains a PDF, an ePub, and a Mobi file so you can read it DRM-free on any modern device (for those new to digital book files, PDFs are generally best for desktops/laptops, ePubs are best for Apple, Android and Kobo devices, and Mobi files are best for the Kindle). The book contains all 18 Heart is Raw articles from 2013, including both Wrestlemania and Summerslam essays, which nicely bookend the whole package. 

Yes, of course, you can read each and every Heart is Raw article on my site, for free, as they arrive. I won’t be doing anything skeevy like taking the articles down or covering them with ads so that you’re forced to buy the book. Buying the book is 100% about supporting me, and showing that you like what I do enough that your $5 can become my $5.

For those holding out for a physical copy, that’s coming really soon. Maybe in the next two weeks. I’m ordering a test copy for myself first, and as soon as I can make sure it looks good, I’ll put it on sale. If you want to buy it through Paypal, you can actually donate $5 to me on my Works page and leave a note, and I’ll send along the bundle. 

You can go to my Works page to buy The Heart is Raw Season 1, or below in this very blog post. Thanks everyone. I feel like The Heart is Raw has been my strongest work, and I want to thank everyone who’s helped me through it.   

The Heart is Raw Season 1 Digital Bundle The Heart is Raw Season 1 Digital Bundle 4.99 Add To Cart


they say professional wrestling is just shakespeare with steel chairs but seriously why haven’t they adapted much do about nothing, with two wrestlers having their hearts all a-flutter because the rumor going around the locker room is that one of them just wants a match with the other at wrestlemania because they’re absolutely besotted


There will be (probably) no more link blogging on International Object

In order to pad out the periods of times between longer articles, International Object has almost always used links to others. I’ve done this for a number of reasons, but I think I’m going to stop. I can’t promise I’ll never link to another article, or want to quickly comment on someone else’s work, but I’m going to stop doing it regularly. 

The reasons are twofold: I just don’t have the time to constantly update the site with new content, and other places are way better at doing it anyway. There still isn’t a place that treats it exactly as I do (either with the brevity or the respect to the original author), but there are so many places to get solid wrestling news and articles that it seems a bit unnecessary for me to add to the heap. While I think I was pretty good at curating, this frankly isn’t a skill in a lot of demand these days. 

But the first reason is the big one. Taking time to post tiny things takes away what little time I have to make big things, and the big things are what my readers and I agree is the value to IO. The Heart is Raw, the Podcast, and articles pertaining to the structure of this art form should be what dominate this blog, and will from here on out. That does mean that it will absolutely be the norm to see a week with no new content, but it will also mean that when there is new content, it will (hopefully) be worth the bother. 

Of course, I retain the right to change my mind tomorrow, just like I retain the right to change the name of the blog, where the blog is hosted, if any of the links actually work, and my own freakin name whenever I damn well feel like. Thanks for dealing with my craziness. 


International Object Podcast 105: Brother Love on a loop forever

Scott T Holland, Rich Thomas, and Sawyer Paul discuss the WWE Network, how it may potentially change WWE’s narrative structure, how Monday Night Raw changed the major events in 1993, how difficult it must have been to work for WWF Magazine in the early 90s, how cheap PPVs were in the attitude era, how the Network doesn’t have any new wrestling shows (except for nXt and Main Event, which may in fact be new for some people), if we might get Ring of Honor on the Network, Network playlists and viewer-curation, and how to get new fans after the loop has closed. 

Show notes: 

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